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Keach's Meeting House
Winslow Buckinghamshire
17th Century
Baptist Meeting House

Benjamin Keach (1640-1704)

Benjamin Keach

A man of humble origins and no formal training, Benjamin Keach became one of the best known Baptists ministers of his day. He was brought to faith in his early teens, and joined the Baptist Church at Winslow. His spiritual life grew quickly and the church soon recognised his preaching gifts and set him apart for the ministry. However, they never actually called him to be their Pastor.

In 1668, he moved to London to become Pastor of a small group of Baptists meeting in Southwark, London. He was to remain there for the rest of his days.

For many years Keach preached powerfully to large congregations in a building which had to be enlarged several times. He wrote over 60 books including a missive called ‘Exposition of Parables’. During the last 15 years of his life, Keach was amongst those leading a campaign to introduce congregational hymn-singing.

To find out more about this fascinating minister, how God greatly used his labours, his conflicts with the religious authorities, and the religious freedom which was finally won in 1688, please refer to our 'Publications' section.

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